Big Magic Band Changes Hinted

via MAJOR Changes to Magic Bands are being revealed to guests and D23 Destination D Event at Walt Disney World In Florida – DisneyDining  <— LINK

Take a look at the article above.  I want to comment on something that makes me real super happy about this possible change.

I will say this… I LOVE Magic Bands.  I love the concept and I love what they do for my Disney experience.  While I dont mind collecting the dozens I have, I will say that it does get a bit overwhelming at times.

Enter in this new version.  I am so glad Disney is changing them to a form where the main electronics can be reused over and over.  Not only does this make environmental sense, but I think it will really cut down on trying to keep track of all the different band numbers in My Disney Experience.

And of course, the idea that there are many more customization options available with a modular piece.

So yes… bring them on!  I am so looking forward to trying them out during my next trip!

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Have a magical day!





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