Cars 3 Teaser Trailer Released -First thoughts.

Ok, folks…. here is the trailer…  Watch first, please…

Cars 3 Trailer on YouTube

Let me give you a moment to watch that…




Back yet?

Now, several have commented on its “dark” theme that is portrayed just through this trailer.  Even my wife was wonder about Lightning’s fate just from that clip.  I am not sure what to say other than this:

Disney – you have my attention and you are pretty much guaranteed getting my movie money for this one.

Now, I loved the movie Cars.  I liked Cars 2. I really love the franchise.  Heck, Cars was one of the very few movies that I saw in the theater more than once.  In fact, I saw it 5 times.

Thats right – 5 times!

Granted, three of those times were at a dollar show, but still.

This trailer is most likely not going to be representative of the whole movie.  In fact, I predict that this is more a part of a McQueen dream sequence.  After all, if it could happen to Doc Hudson….  Yea, you know the rest.


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