About Me…

I’m going to confess now… I don’t like talking about myself.

I do, however, love talking about Disney-related items and my past trips.

All for the purpose of helping others experience a great Disney vacation.

A disclaimer – I am not a travel agent.  I’m just an independent author and blogger.  I have used some great TA’s in the past, though.  They are key in trying to work out the best Disney trip possible.

So.. about be.  Who am I?  Well, here you go…

Im married to a wonderful woman with a couple of awesome kids.  They are my world and I love going on trips with them.  They travel well and they love to be a part of the trip planning process.  Some of my insight comes from how they see the world.  Their perspective can be thought provoking.

I’m a Disney enthusiast.  Some may call me addicted to Disney or even a Disney expert.  I think all of that is true.  It is true that many aspects of my life are influenced by Walt Disney, his company, and the parks.  This is because Disney is much more than a person and much more than an entertainment corporation.  There are many things that we can learn from people’s past, and Walt Disney’s past is one of them.  A happy side effect just so happens to be that the parks, characters, and related media inspires me.

I’m a gear head.  For as long as I can remember, I loved anything mechanical.  I work on cars as a hobby and as a way to release stress.  (Cheaper than therapy.)  I repair and rebuild cars and I help my friends keep their cars on the road a bit longer.  As a positive side effect, my truck is always ready to take the long road trip to Central Florida.

I’m an engineer.  Specifically, in the IT world.  No, I don’t program computers.  No, I wont fix your computer. (Sorry – bad attempt at humor.)  I am a problem solver.  I use my knowledge of tech to the best of my advantage when it comes to making my life a bit better and my time off work a bit more rewarding.

I’m a youth worker.  For over two decades, Ive worked with both middle and high school students within my church.  The youth of today need all the help they can get in understanding the world around them.  It has been a very rewarding part of my life and I hope to continue to work in this role for a long time to come.

I want to bring calmness to chaos no matter what the question.  I look at everything from different angles because rarely is there just one reason for a certain situation.  And like there is rarely a single answer to any question, I hope to cover different topics with you in mind.

Each one of you is going to be in a different place when it comes to vacation planning.  I know that some of the guests to this page are Disney-experienced while some may not know the first thing about planning a trip or what to do on vacation.  I’ve been there, done that.  My goal is to help provide information that anyone can use to help enhance their Disney experience.

I welcome topic ideas and any questions or comments that you might have.



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