A Thanksgiving Message….

Hello All, I consider myself a very thankful person.  Not just on this day of thanksgiving, but year around.  I am very thankful for what I have, the family I'm blessed with, and the ability to do what I love. I'm thankful that I have the time and ability to write.  I am not a … Continue reading A Thanksgiving Message….

Big Magic Band Changes Hinted

via MAJOR Changes to Magic Bands are being revealed to guests and D23 Destination D Event at Walt Disney World In Florida – DisneyDining  <--- LINK Take a look at the article above.  I want to comment on something that makes me real super happy about this possible change. I will say this... I LOVE … Continue reading Big Magic Band Changes Hinted

Cars 3 Teaser Trailer Released -First thoughts.

Ok, folks.... here is the trailer...  Watch first, please... Cars 3 Trailer on YouTube Let me give you a moment to watch that...       Back yet? Now, several have commented on its "dark" theme that is portrayed just through this trailer.  Even my wife was wonder about Lightning's fate just from that clip.  … Continue reading Cars 3 Teaser Trailer Released -First thoughts.

Banjo Brothers & Bob Act to Conclude at MK

via BREAKING: The Notorious Banjo Brothers & Bob Act to Conclude at the Magic Kingdom - WDW News TodayWDW News Today  <- Link I'm going to be brief here for a moment. In my opinion, Streetmosphere (the cast members that entertain throughout the parks) really adds to the guest experience.  Some play music.  Some put … Continue reading Banjo Brothers & Bob Act to Conclude at MK