Magic Kingdom Cabanas?

via Magic Kingdom Cabanas Now Available For Booking – Disney Talk Blog

^^^ Please take a moment to click on the above to read the article.  Its a good site and a good FB group as well, I might add.

Now, I’m going to say this… I love going to Disney and when I do go, I try to experience new and interesting things that I have not tried before.  This sort of offering really piqued my interest.  Not because I could afford such an offering, but because there is such an offering.  Don’t read into that as me being jealous or anything like that, but it makes me wonder a bit about how this came about.

With loving respect to Disney, I am obviously not the target audience for this sort of amenity.  I’m just not… and I’m ok with that.

I can see a couple / three smaller families going in on one of these together if they were going to be a part of a rope-drop to “they are kicking us out” sort of day at the magic kingdom.  Heck, it might be especially worth it if you are having a special family event and that you need some in park meeting space.  Or if you are something of a successful blogger that would like a neat place to meet his readers.

Now, how does this impact the ambiance of the area where they are situation?  It’s unclear.  I have not seen many pics of the offering as of yet.

Being that the cabanas are temporary structures, Disney is obviously seeing if this is something that would be in demand on a regular basis.  Keep in mind, sometimes these tests turn into something permanent and sometimes, they gently fade away.  The thing is, they never know unless they try.

I know there has been some outcry about the offering already, some comments being critical while some are rather funny.  Me?  I think of it with a bit of different common sense.  I see this as something that does not impact me at all at this time.  Then again, I also believe that Disney has a way of testing things that do become great things for all their guests, so only time may tell as to what may come.

Stay magical my friends.




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