Podcasting – Join me on this journey!

Just over six weeks ago, I announced that I was going to be a part of a growing Podcast called the Behind The Ears Podcast.  It has been such an epic ride, while at the same time, I am not sure that people understand what exactly goes into a podcast.  I thought I would share a few things… and even ask a favor.

Let me just say this – podcasting is not a free endeavor.  It does have some outlay of cash in order to make things happen.  The show has to be hosted, which costs money.  We just got a real domain name, that cost money.  Danny and I both had to buy equipment, which was not free, either.  Some costs are one time only while some happen every month or annually.  A lot of this I did not realize till we had detailed meetings.  I gained a whole new level of respect for those that have been doing this for a while, and in some cases – a really long while.

Podcasting takes time.  It takes a lot of time.  It takes a lot of time on top of what we do during the day.  On average, I work about a 50 hour week.  Podcasting just added anywhere between 10-15 hours a week on top of it.  I’m probably being conservative with that estimate as well.  Most of those hours are spent after hours, after my family goes to bed for the evening, so it’s not that bad when it comes to a balance between podcasting and family, but it’s not always time that I had free, either.  It’s been a rather solid commitment with a lot of background work in order to produce a 45-90 minute show.

A lot of time goes into discussions about the show, how we can make it better, and how we can expand in order to find our niche.  I mean, if you listen to podcasts, you know that there are a ton to choose from, but in many cases, they are not cookie cutter.  The producers of those shows do things in ways where they try to stand out for their audience.  The BTEP is no different.  We have some great ideas that we are working on for the near future and even into 2017.  Without going into the details – I’m really excited for what is about to come.

Since I joined the show, we started doing fun things like showing live recording sessions of the show on YouTube and Facebook Live.  We find that the unscripted nature of our program makes these sorts of outlets a prime way to enjoy the show, even if you watch a recorded version.  You get to see our facial expressions as we talk about things, seeing the passion we have for Disney, and for some, it adds to the conversation.  Like we keep on saying “everyone does Disney differently” and it’s the same case for those who listen to our show.  I’m glad we branched out in that manner.  (I just wish the camera didn’t add 10 pounds…)

We’ve had some great guests on our program ranging from listeners, to authors, to film creators.  If you enjoyed those shows so far, we have even more noteworthy guests coming up in the lineup.  Like anything else – it just takes time to arrange the logistics.  Your patience will be rewarded.

Overall, it has been an experience like no other.  It’s hard work, but if it came without sacrifice, I don’t think it would mean as much.  I know we still have much room to grow, but I really look forward to it.

If you are reading this, and if you haven’t listened to the Behind The Ears Podcast, I ask that you give it a listen.  Ill include links below or you can find us on iTunes.  I am sincere when I say that Danny and I both would like to get feedback from our listeners…. even if it is something you feel like we should improve.

But most of all, I want to present a “call to arms” in a way.  Without any shame in asking what so ever, I kindly ask that you please share our show with all your friends.  Even if you are not a Disney fan, you most likely know someone that is.  You sharing info about our podcast is one of the best ways that we can build our audience.  I can tell you know that as we grow our audience, there are things that we can do to add even more to our show and make it the best it can possibly be.  That is really our main goal – to be the best we can be for the benefit of our listening guests.

With that mentioned, you can find us via these clickable links:
The Behind The Ears Podcast website
Our YouTube Channel
Instagram: @BehindTheEarsPC
Twitter: @BehindTheEarsPC

And you can reach us via eMail at: BehindTheEarsPodcast@GMail.com
Or you can leave a voice mail with a question, comment, or show suggestion at:
(321) 430-2283

Thank you for listening and for joining Danny and me on this awesome journey!

Till next time – have a magical day!



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