Banjo Brothers & Bob Act to Conclude at MK

via BREAKING: The Notorious Banjo Brothers & Bob Act to Conclude at the Magic Kingdom – WDW News TodayWDW News Today  <- Link

I’m going to be brief here for a moment.

In my opinion, Streetmosphere (the cast members that entertain throughout the parks) really adds to the guest experience.  Some play music.  Some put on a show.  Some interact with guests.  In fact, one of my first Disney experiences I remember was when I was dragged into a Streetmosphere show at Hollywood Studios.  (Then Disney-MGM Studios.)  It was so much fun and it took weeks for the me to loose the grin it gave me.

Now, with the dismissal of this group, one that I enjoyed while walking between Liberty Square and Frontierland, I cannot help but say how I am disappointed in such a decision.

Now, does Disney have a plan that will “plus” the experience?  No one seems to know, but let’s say that I sure hope so.

Have you stopped and enjoyed a Streetmosphere show while at Disney?  If so, please tell me about your experience.  Who knows – your comments may even be shared over at the Behind The Ears Podcast!


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