An Excellent Announcement! (And a small favor…)

First off, I want to say that I really appreciate everyone that takes time to read my blog.  That is not just some generic comment either.  I love to write and I am very thankful that you keep coming back to see what I have to say.  Every blogger has a bit of anxiety when it comes to if they are writing the write stuff or if they are even reaching an audience.  I am no different.  I mean, I try to write openly and honestly while still maintaining an upbeat note about whats going on in the Disney community.

That’s the thing… the Disney community has so much going on at the moment.  There is a lot of change in the air.  Some love it.. .some hate it.  At the same time, people are still trying to plan Disney vacations and they are looking for good, common sense tips to help get the most of out of their trip.  I would like to think that I strike a balance between helping those get the best info possible while at the same time, I try to think rationally though the news and rumors that cycle through the internet.  I know that I have a slight bias of being Disney- centric / pro-Disney, while at the same time, I try to break down what I think I may not agree with and see what magic Disney has in store.  In other words, I try to see beyond the words and think like an Imagineer.

Was reading through some Facebook groups the other day and I saw someone saying that they are looking for a co-host for a rather new Disney podcast.  Now, there are a lot of Disney podcasts out there and I always admired the idea that people take a lot of time and effort to put out these modern day online “radio shows” expressing their views, entertaining their listening guests, and helping people with Disney questions.  I love listening to a good podcast and because of that, I’ve always had a desire to be a part of something like that in a way to help augment my writing.

This podcaster and I got in touch with each other and we talked a bit about what he was trying to do as well as my views, my blog, and the like.  It was a good, solid conversation that seemed to have us both shaking our heads in agreement that we ought to give this a try.

With that mentioned, I would like to announce that I am now one of the hosts of the:
Behind the Ears Podcast!!

The typed word does not convey how excited I am when it comes to this announcement.  If you enjoy podcasts, this is something that I think will augment my writing as well as provide you with a great source of entertainment and information.  If you are new to podcasts, this may be your chance to be a part of something new and great.

Now, my blog will continue as usual, though I plan on cross blogging over at the BTEP site as well.  I also anticipate that many of my articles will be discussed in further detail on the show, which will give additional insight to the subject matter at hand.

Episode 9 is now available on iTunes, Podcast Addict (for you Android users) and Episode 10 will be available later today as well.

Now… here is my small favor.   I would like to ask each one of you to give this podcast a try.  Give it a listen over the next few weeks and please rate and comment in iTunes if at all possible.  At the same time, our email address is and we would love to hear comments for our listeners, show ideas, or even questions you might have about anything Disney. Please give us a share on Facebook, Twitter, and even word of mouth.  Every blog has a first reader, and every podcast had a first listener.  We know we are new at this and with anything new, we may hit a snag or two.  That’s OK too!  While we would never ask you to stop listening to any of the other great Disney podcasters out there, we simply want the chance to be added to your playlist.

So there you have it… May this journey be magical for all of us!



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