Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes! Good or Bad?

I have a slightly different thought for today’s post.  Bear with me for a moment….

Picture the following changes:
– Changes to character costumes.
– Refurbs closing different (very popular) attractions.
– Dealings with rumors of change.
– Hollywood Studios being a shell of itself.
– Changes in food quality.
– Prices going up.
– Service going down.
etc… etc….etc….

My mom always said that I never liked change as a kid.  (I can see that.)  I like to plan and try to be prepared for what may be ahead.  I’ve learned to roll with the punches, and I think I’ve become a much better person, and a better vacationer, because of that change.

But lately, change has really caused some heated debates among Disney fans.  All the topics I mentioned above are related to changes that have come up over the past several weeks.  Heck, that’s not even the whole list.  The main thing is that for every topic, there are many different takes to how people view said changes.  Some guests seem to blow them off.  Some express outrage.  Some say that they are going to take a break from Disney vacations.

Personally, I think that Disney is going through some big transformations.  Like any transformation, it takes time.  It takes planning.  It disrupts the environment around them.  The problem is that I think many guests have a real (and justified) high expectation of what to expect and if something changes, it throws us off.  After all, Disney vacations take a lot of planning and are not cheap.  You do expect the best with the Disney name attached.

So what do you do?

Simple… plan for the change.  Know that things might be different than before.  (After all, Walt did advise us about such change, right?)  It may be a great chance to see other things at the parks that you have never seen before.  Try things at the resorts themselves.  Understand that you might not be able to plan around Disney’s refurb schedules just like Disney cant plan those refurbs around your schedule.  (That’s not meant to sound snotty… but I think you get the idea.)  But if you think that it might be better to wait a bit longer till your next visit, that is perfectly justified as well.  It’s your hard earned money and if you want to see what Pandora, or Star Wars has to offer, make it your triumphant return when you see those future attractions.

I know that during our first peak-season visit to WDW, we saw crowds like we have never seen before.  (Making wait times extremely long – to the point where we were not able to enjoy some of our favorites.)  However, we took time to see new things that we fell in love with.  Figment became one of my favorites, believe it or not.  For my wife, the Peoplemover became a must do.  Dare I even say that a trip not seeing Carousel of Progress makes us leave feeling like we are missing something.  One Man’s Dream is not only a nice break from the weather, but really gives you an in-depth look at Walt’s journey.  I can go on and on, but the moral of the story is – there is probably a lot at and around the parks that you have yet to see, even if you are a WDW veteran.

I mean… do you really know what the names on the windows down Main Street represent?  (See – something else for you to look into… 🙂  )

I will most likely write about some of the specific changes I see coming in separate entries as I do have some thoughts and feelings about what I’m reading.  At the same time if you have a question about the different changes or even an opinion, please feel free to comment below.

Till next time – have a magical day!




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