WDW: Kids under 10 now need finger scanned to enter.

Check out :  Children Now Require Biometric Finger Scan to Enter Walt Disney World Theme Parks – WDW News TodayWDW News Today  <<<- LINK

I saw this on a Facebook post and didn’t really think too much of the change.  I mean, I personally don’t think it’s that big of a deal.  Bio-metrics has been a part of Disney for quite some time now in order to try to keep people from using unused ticket portions from other guests.  In short- its a fraud fighter.

At the same time, I’ve already seen comments mentioning how this is going to slow people down getting through the gates.  Comments posted state that for younger guests, the bio-metrics tend not to work as well.  Children who have a ticket, but may be asleep in a stroller will have to get up, is going to cause problems.  And so on…

I get it.  When ticket systems don’t work well for a few, the process slows down for everyone.  It’s like getting in line to check out at your local store only to have the person in front of you needing a price check for everything.  In other words, even the most automated systems have their issues.

This is one of those policies where Disney has already put into place and (read with humor) we need to embrace that change.  (I know – there has been a lot of change going on to embrace.)  It may mean that we have to allow an extra five minutes to get through the entrances.  It may mean that we have to be a bit more patient with the guests in front of us.  It may mean that we have to educate others on this so they know what to expect.  I say that because setting expectations can really help everyone understand some of the technical nuances of their visit.  The phrase “the more you know…” really comes into play.

I have to deal with bio-metrics a lot with work and the issues are the same, for the most part.  While not an official list by any means, here are just a few things I try to do in order to make bio-metrics work more consistently at the parks.

  • Use the same finger each time.  I know this sounds like a “duh” thing, but sometimes you have a drink or a camera in the hand that you normally use for bio-metrics and you just inherently use the other hand.  Unfortunately, you need to use the same finger every time.
  • It does not have to be the index finger.  When it comes to a finger scan, you can use whichever finger you think will be the most comfortable to use.  Ive seen people use thumbs, index, middle, and even pinky fingers for the scans with success.
  • The finger being used should be clean and dry before scanning.  I make it a habit of wiping off my finger being used for scans while waiting in line.  Dirt, sweat, food residue all can impact the scanning process.
  • Try to press down on the bio-metric scanner with light pressure the first time you use it.  You don’t have to press down with a lot of force.  This also makes it easier to repeat that same pressure for subsequent stands.
  • Practice with your children.  This may seem odd, but being that kids don’t really have experience, maybe demonstrate to them how to press down when asked.  Maybe compare it to pressing a button on an iPad or other video game of sorts.
  • I’ve heard comments that some children can use their own MagicBand to scan for their ticket with the parent providing a digit for the bio-metrics.  I cant confirm that, but it may be an option for the youngest of guests.  Just ask a Cast Member at the gate if this is a concern.

Change and Disney goes hand in hand.  This change just personifies the need to sweat some small details before heading to the gate.  Before you know it, this will become a non-issue for most guests.

I hope you found this interesting.  Please feel free to share this with your friends and other groups as allowed.

Have a great day!


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