Letting the Big Kids Go – Mouseplanet

via Mouseplanet – Letting the Big Kids Go by Adrienne Krock

Here is another MP article contribution of mine and one that I think where the topic really is one of those where “your mileage may vary.”

I say that because everyone vacations differently.  While every family needs to decide if they are going to allow the kids to split off from the group, you still have to take into consideration some real serious items.

  • Safety has always got to be at the top of your list.  Regardless if it is Disney or some other theme park, you cannot let your guard down.  Follow that parental instinct.
  • This is not the time to test trust.  Bad decisions still have real consequences, even at Disney.
  • Communication is key!  This helps keep the parents calm and the kids in check.
  • Talk about what they did afterward.  This is more about sharing the experience than anything else.  After all, these are the stories that parents love to hear – how the magic is seen through the eyes of your kids.

Even today, with my daughter being an adult and my son approaching teen-dom, we still rarely split up except for each parent to have some alone time and do something special with one of the kids.  That’s just us.  We pretty much plan it that way but it also happens at the spur of the moment.  I just see this time with my kids as one that I will never be able to recreate.  Its probably why I take so many pictures – because I am capturing those memories.

Regardless – decide what you will do before the question comes up.  That way you can be prepared with a solid answer that will fit your families needs and requests.


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