Disney After Hours -1/2 price for DVC& AP Holders!

via Disney After Hours Tickets Available At Half-Off For Annual Passholders And DVC Members – Doctor Disney

With humor, I saw this coming.

When the first night of the event approached, the different DVC groups blew up with people saying that got an email invite to go to the event for free!  Those that went thought the park was pretty much deserted and they loved the event.  But not many said they would pay the $150 per person.

Now, to be fair, I got some feedback from my last post about this event and some said that they would do it as a couple’s night out, but not as a family.  Yea, I can see where this would be a special date night type of event.

But the price was still steep.   I have yet to talk to anyone that thought the price was “affordable.”

I think Disney sees that now as well.  Cutting the price in 1/2 for DVC members and AP holders is the next logical move to still test this new event offering.

For slightly more than the price of a Wishes dessert party, this becomes real attractive – and you still get to have dessert!

Personally, I know that my wife and son would not be able to enjoy this.  They are not night owls.
My daughter and I, on the other hand…..
I  guess we shall see if it goes on beyond May.

Have a great one!



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