Free Dining Thoughts – Read the offer carefully.

via Feast on a Delicious Offer – It’s FREE! | Walt Disney World Resort

I used to be a huge fan of the dining plan.  In fact, I think that if you are going to use it to its biggest potential, it can save you a lot of cash while not having to worry about a lot of extra dining costs.  Sure you have to deal with tipping and the like at the table service eateries, but its not really a bad deal.

If you use it.  All of it.

Free dining can save a family a lot of cash.  At the same time, you still need to use it wisely or you would have been better off paying out of pocket and taking a room discount.  You have to do the math.

But this year, Disney threw in something new.  And this is why I am posting this.  This time, Disney is forcing the purchase of Park Hoppers or a Water Parks and More ticket instead of the base ticket.  Now, for my family, that would not be a big deal.  To some that prefer to not hop or don’t have the cash, that’s and extra bit of cash that takes a bite out of the savings factor.

That, and you are still paying full rack rate for the room.

So far, I’ve seen posts saying that they saved hundreds.  Some say that it would end up costing them much more by going with the free dining offer.

I’ll go into my personal breakdown in a different post.  I simply thought that the inclusion of a more expensive ticket this time around is something that may not make people as happy as they thought they would.



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