Premium Magic Kingdom After Hours Event – Thoughts

LINK— >via BREAKING: Disney World Introducing $150 Paid After Hours Event At Magic Kingdom | WDW News Today.

Read the article first.
Now… here is my first response:

No, thank you.
I just cant afford it.

$150 per person to hang out at the Magic Kingdom after the park closes may seem like a great chance to see the park in a whole new way.  But that would be $600 for my family which would also assume that my wife or son would even be able to stay awake at that point.  Granted, my daughter and I would love to be out for another 3 hours.  But not at the rate of $100/per hour for the two of us.

The first comments I saw on the internet were really not friendly to this idea, and rightfully so.  With all the recent price increases, it hits rather hard for many die-hard Disney fans.  That is because we want to try to do everything the parks have to offer at least once.  Sure, we pay for extra hard-ticketed events for Halloween and Christmas, but they tend to be special events that are rather reasonably priced for a family splurge.

I think one comment I saw was in favor of the event.

Other comments revolved around if this was only the start to end Extra Magic Hours.  Personally, I don’t think we are looking down that path, to be honest.  I think that is speculation based only on the sticker-shock induced panic.  Read that with humor, mind you, as I think its a type of speculation that is not out of line.  But please keep in mind, this is not listed anywhere as a replacement for EMH!

Right now, the event is only available for 7 select nights in April in May.  This limited engagement may be something of a test to see what sort of interest may come from this offering.  That’s just a guess.

Yes, the sticker shock is right up there.  I know I won’t take advantage of them but I hope those that do can report back as to what sort of magic they experienced as a part of the new event.


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