Time Out! When the Kids Misbehave on Vacation

via Time Out! When the Kids Misbehave on Vacation.  <<<—– Link!

Here is another MousePlanet article that I contributed towards.

My take on this is that sometimes meltdowns happen.  Its how you handle it that makes the most difference.  Now, that is not me being judgmental or anything like that because we all know our own kids and we have to react in a way that helps them the most.

At the same time, I am one that tries to add to the experiences of the guests around me as well.  I don’t want my kids to accidentaly mar their time as well.  If there is an issue, I try to isolate the problem and see how it can be fixed.

You would not believe how many problems can be solved by just stepping out of the action.  There is so much stimuli around the parks that it can overload the senses so easily.  Ever notice how there is always music playing in the background?  You know how there is so much noise that you can have issues hearing someone standing next to you?  That sort of stimuli can be super overwhelming to those with little ears.

Add in summer heat that can challenge Elsa’s powers, starting the days early and ending them late, and not being on a normal “schedule” it provides a great mix for some misbehaving.

I hope you enjoy the article and the discussion as well.



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