Streaming Magic just made my day!

I know I have not blogged in a while.  It has been quite the roller coaster ride for me between work and home lives.  Sometimes, you just get busy.  It does not mean that writing is any less of a priority.  It’s just that there are higher priorities that I have to take care of in order for me to write.  Its something of a conundrum to be honest.

But enough with that.  I just saw something that made me smile.

If you are around any sort of Disney social media, you saw that they streamed the Christmas parade as well as Celebrate the Magic and Christmas Wishes live on YouTube.  To be honest, I didn’t know what to expect.  Let me just say – I was wowed on how great it turned out.

I watch a lot of Disney videos.  I also watch a number of people streaming via Periscope.  They are great ways to pass some extra time while also trying to get that Disney fix before your next trip.  At the same time, there is something to be said about the Disney stream that was offered this evening.  Multiple camera angles, great sound, and excellent vantage points.  My only downfall was that I had a lot of trouble pairing it onto my older smart TV.  I think if I was downstairs, my Roku would have dealt with it a lot better.  Just thinking out loud.

I have to admit… these shows never get old to me.  I know that they have not changed beyond a few tweaks over the past several years.  I, for one, am totally OK with that.  To see them for the first time in six months really put a smile on my face.  I know it seems odd to get that sort of reaction from a YouTube broadcast on a 4.5″ screen, but it was such a nice change of pace,

Maybe it was because the last time I saw Christmas Wishes, I was with my family a few years back during this very same weekend.  Of course, that was also the year my daughter was a part of the Cheer Team during the taping of the Christmas Day Parade.  That was a monumental trip for all of us, especially for my daughter, of course.  See, not only are these shows ones that you watch for your own enjoyment, but you really make memories with those who are with you.  That will always be a point in time that I will never forget.  It’s little things like this stream that brings back the good memories.

Maybe it was because on of the first trips my son made was during this time of the year as well.  I will never forget that year how when we arrived to Orlando, it was 80 degrees out.  By the time we left to go back home, it was in the 40’s.  Trying to get a hat and gloves for my son was something of a challenge, but we succeeded and he looked great.  It was a real first.

Maybe it was because it was also around this time a number of years ago when my wife and I took our first (and only up to now) adults-only Disney trip and got to experience Disney around the holidays just a little bit differently.

Maybe I also feel a small bit of happy jealousy as I know that several of my good friends are there right now as I type this.  I hope that they were able to see the show, but that they are having a great time as I did during my Christmas trips.

Maybe I know that while I was not able to be there for the show, I know that it will be something that will carry me on through this week.  I only say that because  I know it is going to be an insane week and sometimes you need all the good cheer you can get.  It helps me be a bit more upbeat and I would like to think that everyone around me gets to benefit from that.

I hope that you can catch a glimpse of other live streaming events this holiday season.  Ill have the Disney Parks blog in a link below.  Or catch one of your favorite Periscopers stream or recommend those who are streaming live from the parks.

Thank you all who read and recommend my blog.  If you see something you like, please share, repost, retweet and the like.  If you would like to see me write about your favorite topic, just let me know.

Have a great day everyone!


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