Managing Kids in Costumes – A MousePlanet article

Link: Managing Kids in Costumes

So, I know that I the other contributors said quite a bit in this article but wanted to throw a few more things out there…

  • Dont stress over costumes.  I mean, if it is not perfect, dont worry about it.  Things can happen during your trip to/from the parks and sometimes you will just have to improvise.  It may be better to smooth over a situation than to try to full-on correct the situation.  After all, your time at the parks in costume may be limited.  Make the best of it.
  • I mentioned weather in the article.  Not only does this go for the Halloween season but for any time of the year where your prince or princess may want to wear a costume.  I’ve seen my share of kids become beet red in the face because they are overheating wearing an Ariel or Iron Man costume in the middle of August.  Simply watch over your kids and make sure you have a change of clothes just in case.
  • If going to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween party, consider taking the afternoon and relaxing away from the park.  If warm enough, enjoy the pool or other resort activities.  Maybe have the kids nap a little bit so that they can stay out a bit later.

Most of all – have fun.  You never know what Halloween will be like when you get home.


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