Disney beginning to shut down re-sellers of ADR’s #Disney

Source: Disney begins shutting down websites who are re-selling dining reservations

A brief comment:

For the longest time, I believed in the idea that once you are on property, you tend to have the same perks and privileges as the family next to you.  With some small exceptions, that is still the case.  (Yes, I know there are perks for staying on site, and I am not counting discounts either.)

ADR’s are not always easy to come by.  Some are much more difficult than others.  For those who do not visit Disney often, or for those that are trying to make their first trip extra special, being able to eat at that special restaurant is something that is rather, nay very, important.  With the advent of the dining plan, and even more so when the dining plan is free, getting ADR’s for the most popular places is a challenge.

I’ve never been a fan of the sites that charge to try to help you get the ADR’s that are the hardest to get.  That makes it harder to get such reservations.  It wasn’t fair and it did not make for an even playing field.  While I’m sorry for the fans of the services, I am glad to see that the even playing field has returned.

To be honest, I’ve been able to get ADR’s for pretty much anywhere, even not right at the 180 day mark.  It just takes some time to recheck on a regular basis in order to see what becomes available.  Sure, you may have to be flexible as to when you eat, but I do consider dining at Disney to be a big part of the planning and experience.

If you cant get your first choice, get your second choice.  Then go back later and see if you can change it.  That way, you have something good to begin with.  Changes in your favor are simply considered doses of pixie dust.

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