DIsney cracking down on “Chanting” in the parks??

Saw this on the “Disney World & Orlando Passholder’s Club” Facebook page.  I would post the link to their site, (orlpassholder.com) but the site went down shortly after this article was posted.  However, the owner of the page posted the following:
(Cut and pasted right from the web site:)

In a Breaking turn of events, a Walt Disney World Insider tells me that due to an incident involving an Argentinian Tour Group at the Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World has taken action for the safety and enjoyment of other guest in the parks.

This is a move that a lot of Walt Disney World guest have cried out for a while now, however I should point out that nothing official has come out about from Walt Disney World to us yet, but cast members are being made aware of the policy change verbally.

Keep Checking Back on This Article for updates on this developing story, when we know it’s confirmed, we will let you know immediately.

Edited to add: Here is the full link now that their site is back up: LINK

Now, let me say that I think that if this is true, this would be a huge win.  I don’t have an issue with touring groups in general. However, when larger, un-chapparoned groups get disruptive through loud chanting or cheering all over the park, it really starts taking away the magical ambiance that Disney works hard to put in place.  Get a group like that in an enclosed queue like in Rock N Roller Coaster, and the volume becomes deafening.

Now, lets hope they can enforce such a rule efficiently.

Your thoughts?


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