Just watched Avatar – Now thinking of Avatarland!

Hi All,

I’m a rather big movie buff as you might gather from some of my other posts.  I like all sorts of movies and tend to not judge a movie by it’s trailer.

While I never saw Avatar in the theaters, when I finally got to see it in my Omniplex, I was blown away by the sights and sounds about the story from Pandora.  I know that some say that the story line has been done before, but lets face it – the movie is really well done and is a testament to the technology within.

So my son asked the other day if we could watch the movie and I was more than happy to oblige.  After all, he’s getting curious as to what Avatarland at AK will be like and in order to have a point of reference, he wanted to first at least see the movie.  My wife also expressed the same interest, which to be honest, was a bit shocking since the movie was not one that would normally interest her.  (Sorry, hun – love you lots! 🙂 )

We finished the movie this evening and my wife liked it while my son wasn’t too sure what he thought of it.  However, later I can hear him talk more about some of the movie with my wife and I think the verdict is that he liked it but it was still a very complex movie.  He’s right – it is.  No doubt.

Now, if you are one of the few people that have yet to see it, it’s worth a watch.  Really, it is.

As for the idea as to what Disney might be doing to incorporate Pandora into Animal Kingdom – that has been something of a tight-lipped mystery outside of some basic artist renderings as to what it could look like.  Will it show off the same sort of special effects as the movie?  That would be very cool, but it would also seem like such a treat would be better reserved for DHS.  Would it represent more of how life and nature is all connected?  That would fit into the realm of AK, but that is well done elsewhere within the park.  Will it end up being interactive and be able to do something of a flyover of Pandora a la Soarin’?  That would be a treat.

Or… and this is just a guess…. it could be nothing related to the first movie and related more to the future Avatar movies that are planned in the next few years.  It could represent new story lines mixed in with the the tech that we see in the movie now.  I am willing to bet that it will go along those lines more than rehashing a movie that is already a few years old in a part that still has a bit to go before its public opening.

The movie was deep and there are probably six ways to Sunday to bring it to life.  And that is something that I can rest assured on… that Disney and Cameron will tie it all in with a story that will be something well worth the time and effort that went into producing the new section of Animal Kingdom.  It’s just that my creative imagination is not at the level that can guess at this time.

I would love to hear more from you about what you think… please let me know in the comments below.

Have a great day and a Magical tomorrow!


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