Excellent shopping changes at Disney coming soon. (WDWMagic.com Article)

I read the following WDWMagic article and I had to share… Click on the link to read the whole thing.

Disney to reinvent the theme park shopping experience with new mobile app.

Why do I think this is such a great thing?  Because I was a victim of my own stubbornness during my first few trips to Disney.  I fell into the trap of “oh, maybe I will get it later.”  “Mabye next year.” or “I dont know if I really want it.”   These decisions, I regretted, because usually by the time I wanted it, it was too late.

I live by two different rules for my Disney trips.  1) Have a budget that includes discretionary spending.  and 2) If you see something you want – get it then and there because you just dont know if you can get it later or somewhere else.  Trust me – Ive kicked myself in the butt many times because I missed out on a shopping opportunity.

With this app, I think that it can make the shopping process easier.  If it is all it can be, you might be able to spend less time looking in shops and use an app to complete purchases while you are on your way to your next attraction.

Now… in reality… I think shopping at Disney is a fun time.  There is so much to look at and dream about having in your Disney collection.  I dont think that any app can replace that sort of interaction.  I see the app as a way to supplement the experience and maybe make it faster or easier for a person to shop.  Sure, you may be able to get that one thing you forgot while you are at home, but then you are going to pay for shipping and the like.  There is that premium to pay for those post-trip decisions.

What this really turns out to be is an extension of Disney merchandising, which if you had the UPC code or know exactly what you are looking for, they would see if they could find it and ship it to you.  It was a little-known service and I think this app brings it into the here and now.

I cant wait to see what this app has to offer guests in the future.


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