Really? Dad wants Disney to recall Sadness character doll?


I mean… REALLY?

Link to the report…

The movie Inside Out is surely one of the best movies of the summer and dare I say one of my all time favorites.  My kids loved it and I thought it was an overall well-written and produced film.

Emotions are a part of our lives.  We dont always talk about them and how they impact us on a daily basis, but like this movie depicts, we all go through a blend of emotions every day.

Sadness is one of them.

What I want to say is that if you have not seen the movie, you are not going to understand the character.  If you dont understand the character, you wont understand the context.  If you dont understand the context, you are missing the point of the phrases in general.

One might even think that Anger would be the targeted character of choice because when he gets mad, he blows his top… and with all the different things going on this world, one might think that he would be the bad influence.

Here is my take… I know I like films produced by Disney and/or Pixar but when I write, I try to be as neutral as possible.  But when you see something like this you just have to wonder where people are getting this sort of stuff.  And keep in mind, I dont mean any disrespect by that, but is anyone who saw the movie and understand the character really going to take this seriously?

Take the toy back.  Get your child something else.

Or better yet… send it to me.  Ill make sure it gets a proper home.  She will sit along side characters such as Baymax, Sven, George Sanderson, Olaf, Figment, Perry, Buzz, Art, and a number of Mickeys.


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