DisneyQuest To Close

DisneyQuest To Close Soon to Make Way for the NBA Experience | WDW News Today.

I am not happy about this.  And its not just because there seems to be a ton of Disney-related changes being spread around the net these days.

I know that DQ has become a bit cheesy in a way to some, but it really was a highlight for my family.  Granted, we only went if we had the WP&M option or the Premium AP, but we went there at least once per trip when we had those passes and the kids loved the interactive attractions.

And dare I say that during our last two trips, I hit a milestone… I was finally able to ride CyberSpace Mountain thanks to all the weight I lost.  Yea, that was a big thing for me.  I got to ride twice – once with my son on a nice smooth ride, and once on an insane track with my daughter.  I will cherish those rides with them.

While this was not an “every year” thing for us, it was enjoyable.  Now, to replace it with a single-sport related attraction doesn’t make sense.  Well, it doesn’t make sense to me, that is…

So, yea… this is a bummer.

But… if I could just get my hands on one of those Wreck It Ralph games, I think I would be happy.


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