Disney Bans Selfie Sticks

Read this with some humor…

I am the self-proclaimed creator of the selfie.

I’ve been doing selfies since film was king.  If someone left a camera laying around, you can guarantee that I would flip it around and give it a shot.  Who knows what the owner got along the lines of a clear picture, but they saw at least part of my mug in the shot.  Heck, anyone who went to my wedding that left their camera on the table got a pic of my new bride and I in all our glory.

And we didn’t need some stick to do it.

Times have changed, though.  I consider myself something just above a novice photographer.  I dont have a hugely expensive camera or equipment, but I do know how to use what I have – and use it quite well, I might add.  I have been known to take a mini tripod and/or an omnipod with me to the parks, but there is one thing that I always keep in mind.  That one thing is the experiences of other guests.

To be honest, I am not a big phonetography person.  I mean, it has its place, but if I am going to really take pictures, I am going to use my Sony and not my Samsung.  I know that some have taken epic pictures with an iPod and I enjoy viewing such pictures.  It really is a matter of preference.  I respect those preferences because, well, why not?  Photography is an art.  Who am I to question the artistry of others?

Disney cites safety concerns for banning selfie sticks.  (The new rule takes effect at the end of this month.)   I can see that.  I’ve witnessed more than once direct strikes of bystanders and many more near misses.  I know that they can be safety hazards on attractions as well. I also think that these devices, when used by people whom are inconsiderate, also block shots that would normally be achieved through normal means.  To elaborate as an example, I had a FastPass for Wishes at the Magic Kingdom one night and thought it was great to be able to see one of my fave fireworks show in the new courtyard area.  I thought we all had a great view of everything.  That was until someone decided to use a selfie stick and a huge phone to record the event.  I did not have an option of moving around all that much, to be honest, and my view was obscured by this foreign object.  It simply was not fair.

To be honest, I think that this will be more of a bummer who uses these devices in a fair and reasonable manner, safely and without disruption.  To those of us who fall into that category – I’m really sorry to hear this news.  (Some of you whom I follow that use sticks took some great shots!)  Im pretty sure that photographers, beginners through expert, might even get some push back bringing other equipment in such as omnipods or tripods into the parks.  (Mainly for night shots.)  Now, I know that such devices are not selfie sticks, and their use are much more purpose driven, and those who use them know how to use them properly, I see this as something that might change the landscape of photography by those who see it as an art form.

For now, I will continue to bring in my 6″ mini-tripod and set my camera on the ground or on trashcans.

What is your take?  I would really like to hear your side of the story.

Until then – stay magical and take lots of pictures.


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