Tomorrowland – non spoiler review.

While I do try to stay away from spoilers, let me say that from this point on I may give slight tips to surprises within the movie that may or may not be considered spoilers.  Thought, if you read any of the many of different reviews out there by Disney fans, you probably already saw some of these.  Just move with caution if needed.

Since I saw the first trailer for Tomorrowland, I was waiting with great anticipation for this movie.  For some reason, the previews really caught my attention and it looked like a real special, original story by Disney.  It looked like it was going to mix in some of the best effects and possibly take us into the world of Tomorowland – the land that, at least from what I can tell, was something that Walt Disney himself really looked forward to.

But let me say this now… the movie took a lot of turns that were unexpected from what we saw from the trailers.  While I can honestly say that I didn’t know what to expect from the plot, I can tell you that I was not expecting the plot I was given, nor the ultimate climax of the movie itself.  It was a nice twist, though I think other members of my family found some of the plot twist a bit confusing or even a letdown.  This may have been the resultant of anticipation buildup due to what was seen in the trailers.

There was a lot of action and chase scenes in the film that were well done and really provided a lot of action for a PG rated movie.  I mean, I think in this day and age most PG movies can be rather dull in the excitement category, but this one shows that you can have excitement and a family rating too.

The visual effects were stunning.  The casting was excellent.  I even thought that the costuming in parts were very well thought out and added some proper flair to the scenery.

Now, back to the plot and overall story from my perspective.  Ive heard from some that they thought the storyline was a bit preachy along the lines of saving the planet.  Now, it was not in an environmentalist sort of way, but in a way that I dont think we’ve seen conveyed often.  But, the whole point is that there are dreamers out there that can make a difference – only if they never give up and keep moving forward.  Those people need to be given a chance.  The ultimate translation to this is that we all can bring something to the table in order to make this world a better place.  To solve the real problems that we, as humanity, have.  To know that there are people out there that want to be innovative for humanity sake.

It kinda made me think for a moment… what am I contributing toward Tomorrowland?  I am not sure if that was the purpose of the film, but it really made me think about that.  Dare I even say that I was inspired.

I really look forward for when the movie comes out on BluRay.  I want to see it again as I am betting I missed certain points in the movie.  That, and to be honest, it was pretty entertaining!

My score.. a good solid 8/10.  Give it a try.

PS… waiting for some of my friends to see it as I really want to compare notes.


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