Selfie Sticks are no longer allowed on WDW attractions.

This is coming from multiple sources around the internet.

Let me say that as the self-declared inventor of the “Selfie” back in the 80’s when it was done without the assistance of instantly seeing if the shot came out correctly, I dont think I have ever been happier to write a blog post.  At the same time, I know there are fans of selfie sticks out there and I dont mean to offend anyone.  In fact, I am willing to bet that those who are big WDW fans like me are those who use them in a manner that is not distracting or in a way that poses any danger to fellow guests.

But there are so many guests that use them in a way that is distracting and in a way that can injure others.

For those that dont know, selfie sticks are these devices that allow a user to take a picture of themselves with their smartphone.  They can extend out several feet and can be positioned in many different directions.

Now, let me explain something from observations during my trip last week.  I saw users of selfie sticks use them in a way that obscured my view during attractions, shows, and fireworks.  Not just once – but on several occasions!  I saw guests walking down Main Street playing with them, not paying attention to their surroundings, almost hurting themselves or running into other guests.  I saw them stuck in the air to try to get that unique shot, only to ruin the picture that I was trying to take.  The person in front of me during the Indiana Jones show used hers to get a better recording…. obstructing my direct view as well.

Now, as an avid, novice photographer, I try to make sure that my attempts at recording or photographing something at Disney does not distract from other guests.  I keep my camera in front of me and unless I am against a wall or otherwise guaranteeing that I am not obscuring a guests’ view of the action, I do not raise my cameras up high.  Even when I use my monopod to record things, I keep other guests in mind.  I guess I believe in the Golden Rule where I treat others the way I would like to be treated, even if it is somewhat passive in nature.

Now that Disney is going to enforce this rule, it seems like they are going to be real strict about doing so.  Reports state that the procedure can even include ride stoppage, which I think will cause major embarrassment to the person breaking the rules.  Then again, it could mean that cast members will catch a lot of crap from those who think the rules don’t apply to them as well.  (Sure, that is a bit blunt, but we all have seen or overheard situations where guests think that they are above the rules.)  I can almost guarantee that we will start to see new signage around the parks.

If Disney is serious about the guest experience, I would like to think (hope!) that this will eventually include the use of sticks outside of the rides themselves.  I would like the inclusion of attractions/shows and any time that will obscure another guests view.  Again, i am not trying to ruin anyone else’s fun, but I would like to keep things within a level playing field.

Then again, I would like to see guests try to be a bit more courteous to other guests as well.  But I think that will be saved for my book and/or a separate blog post.

What are your thoughts on this?  I would love to hear your comments, thoughts and opinions, even if they are opposing views.

Till then – stay magical, my friends!


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