People make a difference during vacations – Pass along some magic!

This entry is going to take a slightly different spin.  Its not directly related to a Disney brand, but it does deal with my Disney vacation experience overall.

Often there is a debate between driving and flying to Disney from wherever you might be.  Some love to fly where some want to be like Clark Griswold and pack up the family truckster and hit places that host the worlds largest ball of string.

For us, we found that the open road calls us.  We love it.  We get to spend a lot of time together during the journey.

Its not everyone’s cup of tea, but it works for us.  Besides, we tend to have more time than money, and some of the sights are downright beautiful.

Heck, we used to make fun of towns like Tifton, GA.  Well, at least till we stopped there.  It will now be an annual stop for us as we visit Adcock Pecans.  What a hoot of a place!  (Stop there if you are in the area.)

We tried driving without stopping a few times.  It worked, but it was a lot for us to do.  Ultimately, we found a few places we like to stay, usually around the Atlanta area.  On the way back from our journey, we usually stay at the Hampton Inn in Griffin, GA.  What’s Griffin known for?  Not much as far as I can tell.  (No offense, Griffin-ites.)  All I know was that there was this Hampton in the middle of what seemed like nowhere.

It was always clean and comfortable.  They always had our room ready, no matter how late we were.  Heck, we even got to know the people that worked there in the morning and they remembered us every time we came back.  They were so kind, friendly, and accommodating.

Today, I got the following note from Hilton:

We regret to inform you that this hotel has ceased to operate as a part of our portfolio of Hilton Brands as of March 20, 2015 and the hotel will be unable to honor your reservation.


Now, I don’t know what happened to the location.  It could have been sold off or something.  I really dont know.  However, my first thought was not geared toward my own needs for a hotel room in the near future.  My thoughts went out to those who served us in the past.  We may have been their guests, but we considered them a part of our vacation family.

So, I changed my reservation to a place we usually stay on the way down.  It may be twice as nice of a location, but we never had the same personal interaction as with those in Griffin.  Dont get me wrong – I would not keep staying there if they weren’t nice…. but there are few places where they remember you without being prompted.  (The last time that happened was when I stayed at an Embassy Suites in San Jose, CA.  But that is for a different story.)

Here is what Im getting at….  People make a difference.  Take time to let them know that they make a difference.  Keep doing business with those people.  Business relationships may be different than the ones you have with your neighbors, but they are still people who make a difference.

I mean…. We always hear about complaints online from a bad experience.  Take time to let the world know about the good as well.  Fill out a comment card.  See a manager.  Tweet the company.  Let those in charge know that they have good people working with them.

You may very well be the magic some needs in their day.


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