Big Hero 6 – BR Review

Hey all,

You heard me praise BH6 a couple months ago when I saw it in the theater.  Well, I got my DVD/BR/Digital copy this week and decided to sit down with my son and watch it again.

However, at my son’s request, he wanted to go through all the different special features.  I was game for that – especially since I don’t think that we take enough time out for the special features.

Now, in the spirit of keeping spoilers out of my blog, I will simply say that they were entertaining and worth watching.  However, I will say that I am still really surprised on how few special features were included with what was a huge production.  (I thought the same of the Frozen BR release as well.)  I think we watched all the special features in about 30 minutes.  They were entertaining and enjoyable, but there could have been more.  I mean, they could have at least added a better video for Immortals by Fall Out Boy, which was something of the movies unofficial anthem.  (The one online has no real visual appeal, to be honest.)  There was one special feature that was filled with spoilers, but at least Baymax does warn you beforehand.  Is the reason for the lack of extras is possibly because people don’t spend much time enjoying the small features?  I hope not because now I want to watch the special features of some of my other favorite movies.  Ok – maybe not Avatar since it has hours of special features to go through.  You get my drift though, I hope.

The transfer to BluRay was stunning and the DTS-HD 7.1 Master Audio soundtrack was excellent.  And being that my wife was not around for this event, I even took the opportunity to turn up volume a bit more than usual.  The sound never distorted and only added to the excitement of the movie.  (Keep in mind, my local theater is only a 5.1 setup…)  I heard things that I know I missed when it came out in the theaters.  It was a real treat!  The only thing that could have been better is if the 7.1 track was completely unprocessed / uncompressed a la the Cars BR release.  But trust me when I say that is a minor request.  Yes, this feature is HD candy for the eyes and the ears.

I have to admit, I felt the same way after watching the BR as I did when the movie finished in the theater.  The story starts up well, gains good momentum, and holds its own throughout the hour and 40 minutes of run time.  Honestly, it gives the satisfaction of a longer movie without it seeming long.  Its a great story and I am glad to add this title to my collection.  I am sure I will watch it again soon.

Im going to say one last thing before I go…. Easter Eggs – look for them.


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