A Disney-inspired leadership moment.

Hey all,

I wanted to go down a slightly different path today while still keeping to a Disney-related theme.

One of the things that I am rather passionate about is being not just a leader, but a cultivator of leaders.  I say it like that because in any sort of organization, you need not only those leading efforts, but those who are helping mentor new and upcoming leaders.  There could be many benefits for this, some being but not limited to growing the group, preparing others for new positions, or simply making the team stronger and self-sufficient.  We all can learn from each other as long as there is a common goal and team members don’t try to swim in the opposite direction.

I’ve been reading a book, off and on, that really opened my eyes about ways to help obtain my goals of being a successful leader.  The book is called Creating Magic by Lee Cockerell.  And while the book has something of a Disney spin to it, I have yet to see something mentioned in here that can’t be applied in any business, organization, or group setting.

One thing I wanted to share today that made a lot of sense to me regards building other people up in your organization.  In this day and age where we all seem to work harder every day, it is a small example of how to help people understand that they are indeed important to the lifeblood of any organization.

To quote: (Page 204)

Just keep in mind the Four Expectations of All Employees as you interact with your people.

  • Make them feel special.
  • Treat them as individuals.
  • Respect them.
  • Make them knowledgeable.

If you can make this a natural part of your behavior, you will turn the workday world into someplace special, and you will be recognized as an inspirational leader who cares.

The way I see this is that leaders and upcoming leaders alike should keep these items in mind as they interact with their team.  Doing so will hopefully cultivate a mutually-beneficial leader- teammate relationship.  We all need some inspiration in life, especially when we put efforts towards doing something for others.  I know that I really look up to those who inspire me to make myself better, even if it includes constructive feedback at times.  I really appreciate such people in my life.  I respect them highly and hope I can inspire others in the same way.  It’s a form of “give-back” that can pay big dividends.

I hope you enjoyed this tid-bit of inspiration and try to apply this in your life, regardless of what you do.

Have a great day!


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