New check-in bypass system at Walt Disney World

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New check-in bypass system

I know they have been testing this out for a bit now and I hope they worked the kinks out.
Last summer, the system did not work well for us when we never received our text message for our room at the CR.  Confusion was exasperated by the front desk staff.

What I do see is if people dont have any real important room requests or anything like that, this can be a great way to just get off the bus, or drop off the car, and head out to the parks.  At the end of the day – their room awaits.  Easy peasy!

At the same time, I see guests that have special needs, room requests, or have to make arrangements for different forms of payment and the like possibly having to bypass this experience and be a bit more “traditional.”

What are your thoughts on this?  I hope to give this a try on our next trip and see what happens.

Till then – Be Magical!


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