A Planners Fear: Weather Concerns

One of the most comment questions I see along the lines of Disney vacation planning is in regards to the weather.  It’s a good question too since most people need to pack and plan properly and they don’t want to, well, get stuck out in the rain.

Or the cold…

Or the heat…

Truth be told, there is something of a method to the weather planning madness.  At the same time, there is nothing you can do about the weather during your specific vacation.  But you can plan for what is one of the most uncontrollable factors in trip planning.

First, lets look at this from a very high level and give a broad overview by season.

Summer.  You can pretty much guess that its going to be very warm.  Heck, it can be super hot.  What makes this worse is that if you are not used to the heat mixed in with the humidity, then the shock of the combination can hit you like a brick wall.  You should prepare yourselves with the occasional afternoon rainstorm so pack a poncho.  Dress in light colored fabrics, and hydrate often.  Take breaks in the shade or an enclosed air conditioned attraction.  Eat less, drink more, and wear a hat.  I know that sounds like a horrible time to visit, but to be honest, you do get used to it and then it becomes something of a non-issue.

Spring and Fall.  The temperature extremes may be much broader than summer, but it can still get rather warm.  Still keep that rain gear handy but know that there is probably a better chance for rainy days more than just the occasional shower.  Don’t let this ruin your vacation as everyone will be in the same boat… wet and racing for an indoor attraction.  As long as there is no lightning spotted, some of the best rides become water rides as well.  Don’t let the weather steer you away… it’s just liquid sunshine.

Winter.  For someone in the Midwest watching the snow fall outside as I write this, I can really use some Florida sunshine about now.  However, the Sunshine State can still get somewhat “cold” once the sun goes down.  The temperature can fluctuate from 40F to 80F in the matter of a few hours.  At the same time, it is not uncommon for Florida to see temps in the 50’s or 60’s during the day either.  Add in a good breeze off one of the many bodies of water on property, and you can get a decent wind chill factor.  My take here is that dressing in layers can be your friend.  As the day goes on, shed the layers as needed and put them in a small backpack as you tour the parks.

Now, if you are person who asks what the weather will be like during your trip which is months away, the truth is that no one can really tell.  However, there are some tools that you can use to see a historical view of the weather.  Here are few different sites that I found that may help along those areas.  Keep in mind, they give different information and some of the info may differ, but it should give you a general idea of what the weather will be like during a certain time of the year.

(Note: for the links, I used Lake Buena Vista, FL as the closest location to Walt Disney World.  For history, feel free to adjust dates as needed.)

Weather Underground



As I get closer to my trip, say 10 days out, I start finalizing my packing.  I then start looking at the 10 day forecast from the Weather Channel.

Link to Weather Channel

Now, I have seen the 10 day forecast change quite a bit right before I left for a trip.  The key here is to not panic.  Just pack for a variety of weather conditions when in doubt.  The key here is to plan the best you can with the information provided and not worry about it since you will never be able to control the weather.

Besides, the weather may give you an excuse to buy that new Disney shirt or jacket!

Have a great time planning your trip.  Please let me know what you think,  contact meif you have any questions, or if you have a topic that you would like for me to cover.

Have a magical day!



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