Disney, Video Games, and an overlooked era.

Ok, today’s thoughts are based off an article from the Orlando Sentinel about how Disney is removing many of its ticket-dispensing games.  Read the article here–>  LINKY

Now, I have to admit, being a child of the 80’s I can recall pumping a ton of quarters into Pac-Man, Space Invaders, and Galaga at the Holiday Inn next door to the beach house my parents used to rent in North Carolina.  I loved video games.  They were a part of my vacation escape.  It was a part of my DNA.  Therefore, I was not shocked that my son, who is undoubtedly my mini-me, showed the same draw to video games while on a Disney vacation.

Of course, it was not the biggest thing of my son’s vacation at Disney, but he liked the brief break in the Disney action.  It was fun for both of us, to be very honest.  Hes been saving his tickets for quite some time.

He took the news better than expected.  However he did state “Wow, they are making fun illegal?”  Kinda makes you think.

Yes, it does make one think.

Any adult knows that it is not worth the time or money to play games, earn tickets, and redeem them for something worth about 25% of the money that you dumped into games.  But many of us still do it because it is fun, somewhat nostalgic, and at least for me I get to make some memories with my kids.  I think the latter is the biggest part.  My son may not see it that way, but I think some day he will.

Granted, Disney does appear to be removing the arcade from at least one location, but the other popular spots appear to remain without prize redemption.  So while all the tickets we have been saving for are going to be worthless, at least he can enjoy an occasional game while cooling off.

I know that many parents are probably rejoicing over this decision.  I respect that fully.  Especially since they are not really Disney-like.  It just seems like an anti-gambilng law should not need to have this sort of reach.

I would love to know your thoughts as well as hear from you about this, any of my past articles, or even a suggestion for a future blog entry.  Just leave a comment below.

Till then, my friends… Have a magical day!


Edited to add this… I’m getting reports that the link may not work for everyone because the OS wants you to subscribe.  I apologize in advance if this issue is impacting your ability to see the original article.  Ill test better in the future.  Thanks for visiting and for your understanding.


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