Tomorrowland Teaser Trailer Released

Linky to the D23 Site where I saw this… You can see the video there as well.

I know its only a teaser trailer… but for some reason this caught my attention.

It will be something I will be watching closely as more trailers are released, etc, but I can pretty much guarantee it that I will see this feature during opening weekend.

Keep one thing in mind… I am a huge movie buff.  (Disney-produced or not.)  But for me, it has to not only be a strong storyline, but it has to be well produced and put together.  The soundtrack has to engulf me.  I have to believe that the characters are whom they are and not their real life persona’s.  The opening scene matters.  The ending matters.  The ability to hold my complete attention for 2 hours, even if I just drank that over sized and over priced tub of diet soda, matters.

If I walk out of a movie saying that I cant wait until it comes out on BluRay… then it mattered.


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