Be Our Guest Lunch – FP only till further notice.

I read this on a FB group and then saw this news on

As I mentioned in my post on MousePlanet:

So, I read this a couple different places today…

Be Our Guest Restaurant in the Magic Kingdom is currently accepting only diners who hold a FastPass at lunchtime.
There will be no lunchtime “walk-ups” until further notice.

I cant seem to find any additional info beyond that at this time.

Up to this point, BOG FP’s were being done via email invite only. Though there were reports of people using the link sent in the email invite to make their own FP ressie as well. Makes me wonder if there was ample manipulation in the system to warrant this new arrangement.

My speculation, and the speculation of some others, may point to BOG considering some sort of ADR for the CS lunch offering or using the FP system as their ADR setup for lunch.

I really don’t know what else to say that I have not said already about the idea of the possible removal of standby lines for different attractions.  They pretty much apply here.  You don’t need to go far to see how many people see this trend, even if it is only a testing phase, as a hindrance to their already detailed trip plans.  I keep seeing people write how its making things harder and harder to get what they want to do.  Its becoming a competition.

Heck, its like trying to get an “A” boarding group on a Southwest Airlines flight.  (No flames from SWA fans, please… not a rip on them.)  If you don’t try to set things up the second you are eligible to do so, you are stuck with poor choices – if any.

Granted, I’m a planner.  But I only plan about 90% of what we do.  That seems like a lot, but that 10% is a real fun variable.  It allows us to do what we want, when we want even if we have to wait in line.

Now, like other changes, we need to see what is really going to come of this.  I know change is not easy to take especially when it impacts your vacation.  We will have to see if these changes are acute in nature and we should not get too concerned.  At least not yet.

Truth be told – Disney does not do much that causes long term concern.  Adaptation helps but sometimes not always easy.  We need to wait and see.

I welcome your thoughts and comments.



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