Creative thinking and keeping active.

I dont normally repost things from my other writings, but I think this is a case where it’s warranted.

I belong to a FB group called “Be Our Guest Lizards.”  Its a group of runners who encourage each other as they prepare for runDIsney and other events.  (A real great group, to be honest.)  While I recently decided that it will be quite a while before I will probably do a rD event, mainly due to costs and the like, I still keep running with the desire to do so someday.

I mainly run for exercise.  To me, it’s fun and it clears my mind. In any case, this is what I posted at the BOGP Lizards group:

I know I lurk more than post around here but just wanted to provide a bit of encouragement to anyone who feels like they have been sidelined because of an injury, time, or some other factor not within your control.

A couple weeks ago, I did something to my foot that caused me to lay off the running for a bit. What I was able to do, though, was to ride my bike. So that is what I have been doing to at least get some exercise in. An added benefit was that it was something that my son wanted to do with me, so that is extra bonus points as well. Ive grown to liking it but I know I will start running again soon. I started out doing 1.5 miles at a shot at a quick pace. Did my longest ride today at 5.3 miles @ an average of just over 11 MPH. For a person who has not logged 5 miles on his bike in 15 years, and over some decently challenging terrain, I think that is an accomplishment.

What Im really trying to say is… do what you can to stay in the race. Let creativity win over what is holding you back from your goals. You will get back to running… but in the meantime, kick butt at a different challenge. Never give up!

I think we all get discouraged from time to time.  Sometimes, its a bit deeper than others.  I mean, heck, with all the running I do, Im still not dropping the weight like I would expect.  Thats ok, but its still frustrating. The main point is that I just dont give up.

Neither should you.  Really.  Do what you can to meet your goals.  Get obstacles out of your way.  Ask for help if needed. 

Never let an excuse be just that… and excuse.  Meet your excuses with the phrase “challenge accepted.”


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