Robin Williams – RIP

I dont know what to say.  He was one of the first true comics that I saw on TV as a kid.  He was Genie in Aladdin.  He was an Airmen in the Air Force in Good Morning Vietnam.  He cross-dressed in Mrs. Doubtfire and made it funny.  He caused many to learn Latin in just one phrase – Carpe Diem.  I looked forward to the next season of The Crazy Ones as it made my week.

I could say something funny in honor of Mr. Williams.  But it just wont cut it.
All I know is that he was someone extraordinary.  Sure, he had his personal demons.  Who doesn’t?  The problem is that, allegedly, they got the best of him.

I hope and pray that he finds peace in the hands of God.  Sincerely.

He will be missed.


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