Motivation to do whats right.

Walt Disney had a common attitude that you can do whatever you can dream.  However, it also takes people to make those dreams a reality.  It takes effort to get from point A to point B.  In other words – you can dream all you want, you can wish all you want, but only you can make happen what you want to make happen.  I think we miss out on a lot because we simply don’t take that first step. 

Efforts differ.  Sometimes its as easy as getting away from the computer.  Sometimes, its getting off of the couch.  Sometimes, it means that you start the day by telling your spouse or kids that you love them and give them a hug.  Maybe you even start off with a prayer.  Just know that some efforts yield results right away.  Sometimes they take much longer.  Just know that you should never give up in putting the time, effort, and energy into what you are trying to accomplish.

Sure… crap happens.  Sometimes, the poo that flies is spectacular in nature. 
Your character is tested by this.  And while its OK, to take a moment and pause, don’t go into pity party mode.  Arise stronger.  Be the Phoenix.  Never give up.  Have faith.

There are a lot of people I know that I want to tell them two words.  (And its not “Thank you.”)  They include former teachers, doctors, and even some former friends.  These are the people that either said that I could not do something or got in my way, blocking my path to my own success and happiness.  I’m glad you thought that highly of me.  There is a serving of crow waiting for you at the corner of Too Bad and So Sad.  And while I know I will endure trials on a daily basis, I know it’s not what happens to me that matters as much as how I react.

I’m sure Walt Disney felt much the same way.  And while he did not live long enough to see what his dream turned into on a global scale, it provides a great example of something.  Work to achieve your dreams.  Accomplish those dreams so that they are talked about for generations to come.

Increase awesomeness.  Reduce world-suck.  That, my friends, is your challenge of the day.



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